Lord Of The Flies Characteristics

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In the book Lord of the Flies, many main characters were introduced showing their personality and how they could impact society. One of the main characters introduced in the first chapter was Ralph. He is bossy, adventurous, and also has hopes of getting rescued. Ralph would help the society tremendously because of his leadership skills along with his bravery. He shows bravery because he wasn’t afraid to go and adventure or search the mysterious island they were on. Piggy is also one of the main characters, he is a person that could be discouraged easily because everyone always bullies him due to his weight, but he is also smart. Piggy was the one who gave Ralph the idea to blow into the conch shell to call everyone together. His abilities could help the society by showing them another way of thinking and using nature’s resources. Jack is another main character in the book. He is a person that would take one for the team and sacrifice himself to help others. Jack is also a little timid because he was scared of killing a wild pig for food. I predict …show more content…
When twins saw a sighting of the Beast, Ralph wanted to call an assembly, but he was afraid to blow the conch so he raised it as a signal instead. Fear has got the boys thinking that the Beast is a big scary clawing monster that is hard to find because he doesn’t leave tracks. The fear of the Beast kind of fuels the boys to go hunting and searching for it.
Chapter 7: Jack changed tremendously throughout the last few chapters. He has finally built up the courage to kill a pig and now he leads hunts for them every day. Jack has also become more of a person to take charge and express his opinions at assemblies. As Jack gets to become more of a leader, the power gets to his head and suddenly he thinks he is invincible. Jacks new role of leadership also gives him more confidence in his actions and himself.

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