Theme Of Survival In Lord Of The Flies

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In the novel Lord of The Flies, young boys become stranded on an island after there ship crashes. These boys, having never known each other before, try their best to stay alive using survival techniques. However, as time passes the boys start to loose sight of civilization and a type of darkness takes over them. One boy in particular named Jack becomes power hungry and looses all sight of good verses bad. Jack exemplifies the theme of power through his steadfast descent into madness and his actions towards other characters.
In the first couple of pages of the novel, it is introduced that the boys are going to need to use their survival techniques in order to stay alive. Food, being one of the most important needs for survival becomes the boys
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As Jack sets off, he discovered a pig, however, he failed at executing it and let it roam free. He didn’t have it in him to kill something because Jack had civilization built into him. After this incident, however, Jack vowed to kill anything that comes in his tracks and show no mercy next time as he starts to embrace the evil side of him. As time passed, there were many other issues going on but Jack only had one on his mind that he cared about. The boys craving for meat provided support towards Jack that he longed for greatly which aided in his want to kill. While Ralph and a few other boys focused on building shelter, Jack covered himself in charcoal and ,unclothed, set out to kill an animal just as he was becoming himself. All Jack thought about those days were how to trick the animals in order to catch them. This time, however, Jack succeeded at murdering the pig and a great deal walked back down with him shouting “Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill her blood” while carrying the pig on a stake(Golding 96). Out of desperate want for meat the boys began to side with Jack even when it was announced that he had failed to get them rescued by keeping the …show more content…
Jack does what the lads want in order to keep their favor of him being in charge. He even sneered at Ralph at one point asking if he is frightened in which he responded wondering who wouldn’t be as a hopeless response(Golding 143). In hopes of a poor response, Jack stated that in front of the other boys in hopes that he would gain more power and favor of more of the boys. Eventually, the group splits into two with the majority in Jacks group. Jacks begins to abuse his power, beating those that don’t listen to his commands and for no apparent reason. Some literary experts agree with Jacks actions stating “Sometimes man must battle nature. Sometimes man must battle other men, and sometimes man must battle himself. All of these are elements of the world we live in”(Lorraine Caplan). In the beginning of the novel, Jack couldn’t hurt a fly even though his life depended on it, however, by this point in the novel Jack has lost himself. He plans an attack on Ralph and his group for the eyeglass piece, injuring all of the boys severely just to make it so nothing could hold back his power. This way, Ralph would have to come begging back to Jack and yield to him in order to survive. Jack even sets out plans to have Ralph killed in cold blood. If it weren’t for the naval officer being there to prevent yet another death on the island, Ralph would have been

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