Lord Of The Flies By William Golding Essay

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In Lord of the Flies and “Pilgrims” the two groups of children are used to having their parents take care of them, but being placed in a situation where they must look after themselves gives them no other choice but to grow up quickly and take on the responsibilities the adult usually would. In Lord of the Flies, Ralph is forced to lead the group. Ralph acts as the “parent” in many situations during their stay on the island, one being when Ralph and Jack disagree about whether or not Jack and his hunters need to help build huts. Eventually Ralph says, “‘You’ve noticed, haven’t you? They dream. You can hear ‘em. Have you been awake at night?’ Jack shook his head. ‘They talk and scream. The littleuns. (...) So we need shelters as a sort of-’ ‘Home.’ ‘That’s right’” (Goulding 52). Goulding’s use of the words “Have you been awake at night?” and “we need shelters as a sort of home” exhibits the protectiveness Ralph has over the entire group, as he even stays awake at night to ensure the boys’ safety and is the only one who worries about necessities for a successful society the way a parent would in a similar situation. While the other boys are playing, Ralph is stressing over keeping the boys safe by building huts, showing how he has matured much earlier than most other children would due to the lack of authoritative figures on the island. Not only is he forced to take on the role of lead the group, but he does his best to appease everyone when he is described as, “Ralph looked…

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