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The novel "Looking for Alibrandi" by Melina Marchetta explores the life of a seventeen year old Australian/Italian teenager named Josephine Alibrandi. Josephine is attending a upper class private school in the suburb of Glebe, Sydney NSW in her last year of high school. Thorughout year twelve Josephine comes by adolescent events both positive and negative such as racial comments, understanding the secrects and truth of her family, reuniting with her father who has been abscent all her life and finding her first love.
Josephine has trouble accepting that she is a "ethnic" though starts to accept and be proud to be a Australian with and Italian background as the book progresses.
The book is named "Looking for Alibrandi" as Josephine has
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Through her seventeen years alive, Josephine has never known her father until this year in year twelve. Her dramatic reunite with her father Michael Andretti changes her life significantly when she realises how much she was missing out on from not having a father. She gets to know her father very well varying her thoughts on life thinking that good things can happen in life.
While she is getting along with her father, she also has a very healthy relationship with her mother, Chirstina Alibrandi. They get along well and always are able to talk to each other about any issue they are having. Josephine on the other hand does not have a significantly good relationship with her grandmother in the earlier stages of the book. It is not until Josephine discovers the truth about her grandmother giving birth to her mother with a man that she was not married to that she starts to get along with her grandmother. Of course at first Josephine was enraged with the truth though after a period of time realised that she needs to support her grandmother on this truth. At this point Josephine's relationship with her grandmother becomes significantly better.
This event surely moulded her personality as she now has found about her own identity and is more educated on her

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