Looking For Alibrandi Character Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… The novel ‘Looking for Alibrandi’ by Melinda Marchette is all about Josephine Alibrandi searching to achieve her ‘emancipation’ from her family and cultural heritage. In this essay, I will write about what Josie learns about her family, friends and cultural background, what she learns about herself through the year and how this helps her to achieve her ‘emancipation’.
Josie lives at home with her single Mum Christina. Christina had Josie when she was 17. Josie’s father moved to Adelaide after Christina got pregnant, so Josie had never met her father until he came back to Sydney at the beginning of her HSC year. When Josie first met Michael Andretti, Michael tells Josie he doesn’t want anything to do with her ‘I do not want to see her. I do not want to love her. I do not want a complication in my life,’ (Page 65). Josie doesn’t like him at first and they decide to stay out of each other’s lives (page 69). But after spending some time with each other, Josie decides that she wants to be friends with Michael, and she actually does want need a father in her life.
Throughout the year, Josie spends a
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Martha’s, an elite Catholic school. At her school she has three close friends but feels trapped between two cultures, neither accepted by the Australians, nor the Italians. Josie had her first deep relationship that year with Jacob Coote. Whom she admired for his individuality; he is passionate, which is what attracts Josie. Josie is also friends with John Barton, the son of a well-known politician. When John dies, Josie realizes that John died to achieve his ‘emancipation’from feelings of futility, loneliness and despair. Josie, however, has to live to achieve her ‘emancipation’. As Jacob said, “… Dreams are goals. John ran out of goals. So he died” (page

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