My Gastric Bypass Journey Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… Jacob, speaks positively about how his health will improve allowing him to continue with his family as they grow older.

Jacob speaks about his surgery as “rebirth”. The change for him is undoubtedly very significant. His chance as a way to start all over again with a fresh start. For him the surgery will change so much.

Appendix 2 - My Gastric Bypass Journey vid. 1
General Notes
Her intro seems more informal and less rehearsed than Isaac Delarte’s.

She seems to be very enthusiastic about her surgery

This is clearly a basic introductory video; providing some background information.

Points out that she is obese. She is also pretty ‘blunt’ about it. “im fat.”
Also mentions that she does not want to be ’fat’ anymore as she is unhappy with her size and it’s limitations.

Has not always considered surgery as an option for weight loss. In fact was not in favour of the idea at all initially.

Here she is simply listing all the negative opinions she had about the
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meeting I started getting curious and 58. I started reading books and looking 59. on the computer and (.) erm (.) sorry 60. ( ) I’m just gonna take these off
61. because you can’t like see my eyes 62. (takes off glasses). (h) erm (2.0) err 63. so I started reading books and going 64. on the computer and you know (.) 65. doctor sites and stuff seeing what
66. happens and what it means and what 67. you know basically all the medical 68. stuff about surgery (.) and then (.) I 69. found YouTube. Cuz everybody puts 70. their business on YouTube (.) these 71. days. Erm (.) and I found the weight 72. loss surgery community. I found all 73. of you who have gone through the, who have done this, who are 75. on that road that I am soon be taking. 76. And (.4) you know it was all of you 77. who really helped me make the
78. decision to have the surgery. It was 79. all of you, because seeing what kind 80. of stuff you go through, you know it 81. made things real, erm plus erm you 82. know it’s awsome to see the
83. transformations from your first video 84. to your three month post op and your 85. 6 month post op videos and just, not 86. just the physical you know changes, 87. but the emotional ones as well. It’s 88. just amazing to see, and I think

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