Essay about Long Term Relationships And Marriage

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When people think of long-term relationships, they tend to think of the traditional marriage. They picture a man and a woman who are married and eventually start a family. While the traditional marriage is still an important long-term relationship, they are other types of relationships that have their own unique benefits. In today’s society there is the tradition marriage, same-sex marriage, polygamous couples, and cohabiting couples. Each type of relationship has benefits for the couple such as married couples earning more money, polygamous couples have a higher level of freedom, or cohabiting couples avoiding the stress and pressure of marriage and commitment. Aside from the benefits to the couple, long-term relationships also play an important role in society. People who are in a long-term relationship tend to be more responsible and avoid crime, even more so if the person is married. Married couples tend to earn more money than other couples and as a result they spend more money, which helps our economy. Children from married couples are also more likely to succeed than if a single parent or a non-married couple raised them. Despite the decline in marriage and increase in divorce rates, long-term relationships play an important role in the lives of individuals as well as in society.

The most common long-term relationship in our society is the traditional marriage. This is when the church and the state witness a couple promises their commitment. They take part in this…

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