Essay about Long Term Effects Of On Attitudes Toward Food

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Sindler, Amy J., Nancy S. Wellman, and Oren Baruch Stier. "Holocaust Survivors Report Long-Term Effects on Attitudes toward Food." Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior 36.4 (2004): 189-96. Web. 15 Oct. 2015.
I found this journal article on First, I went on the official Church Farm School webpage and went to the online library catalog. Then I clicked on the Ebscohost link. I selected all references and also full text in the homepage. On this article search engine I researched documents on effects World War 2 had on the world. Afterwards, I was intrigued on the fourth article. I found this article on problems survivors from the Holocaust have in their food habits. The reason this journal article is reliable is because it was published by a credible source “Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior.There are three authors for this one article Amy J., Nancy S. Wellman, and Oren Baruch Stier Another reason why this source can be considered credible is because it is an article that can be found of the search engine ebscohost, which is well known for providing credible sources. The setting in which the research study took place was in South Florida and in Miami Beach Holocaust Memorial.
In this journal article the authors talk about the results of gathered informations on twenty-five Holocaust survivors’ attitudes towards foods. The way in which this source is helpful for the research I am conducting is because it provides information or…

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