Long Term Care Management For Nursing Homes And Home Care Organizations

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Long-Term Care Administrators Long-term care (LTC) industry is predicted to experience a significant growth because of the simultaneous aging of the baby boomers, and consequently, their need for long-term care. Thus, the jobs or duties of LTC administrators will become more demanding, and more stressful. There are, however, some traits and training that LTC administrators will need in order to succeed. LTC administrator’s job is not for the faint-hearted because the job entails a lot of hard work. Consequently, for long-term administrators to be effective in nursing homes and home care organizations, there are some training they need to have and some traits they need to possess.
Education and training for LTC administrators vary from state to state, even the licensure process is different. Education requirement is a minimum of bachelor’s degree with experience but in most cases, a master’s degree is preferred. According to a website, www.study.com, the required education is a bachelor’s degree, and the exam requirement is to pass the tests administered by the National Association of Long-Term Care Administrator Boards. The licensure and certification are required in all states. The relevant fields of study for LTC administrators include public health, health sciences, public administration, health administration and social work (CITATION). The training should also take into consideration and include the following; conflict resolution, work design, performance evaluation,…

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