Long Pond : Daylight Is An Oil Based Landscape That Displays A Scenic Forest

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bara’s piece titled Long Pond: Daylight is an oil based landscape that displays a scenic forest along a contrasting waterfront. LaPalombara created this piece in 2016 and it is currently on display in the Kennedy Museum along with several other landscapes of his: Long Run and Long Pond Shoreline. In Long Pond: Daylight LaPalombara successfully manipulates color and depth to portray a realistic, picturesque experience.
The overall color scheme of the piece contains an analogous color scheme based off of cool color such as a variety of blues, white, and a soft touch of green. The various shades of blue establish a peaceful, yet isolated mood as the blue implies that the image was captured on an early cloudy morning. The piece is composed to appear as if the viewer is gazing across a choppy body of water upon a landmass covered with lush trees. These trees contain dark shades of blue, however they also accommodate several splashes of green that enrich and highlight the tree line. Behind the trees, there is a void, filled with a light tint of blue and white, implying a cloudy sky along with several other blue and green landmasses faded into the background.
The relationship between lines and color allow LaPalombara to form a more dynamic and realistic waterfront. For example, LaPalombara constructs exceptionally dark, thick impasto lines that cut diagonally across the the waterfront and create a direct sense of movement. The lines are then further emphasised with complimentary…

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