Nocturne Essay

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Nocturne: Blue and Gold Old Battersea Bridge is an oil on canvas painting by the talented nineteenth century artist, James Abbott McNeil Whistler. At first glance, one notices the simple yet elegant nature of this painting. The focus in this piece is put on the Thames River and the Battersea Bridge since they are at the forefront of the painting. This art work encompasses the beauty of the Thames River during night time, hence the use of the word "nocturne" in the naming of this piece. However, it is worth mentioning that this specific work can almost appear monochromatic due to the incorporation of multiple shades of blue used to illustrate the sky and river. The usage of the primary color blue evokes a feeling of tranquility
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He intended for the scene to be represented by a blue tinge, which in his eyes would signify night time. The main focal points of this painting is to showcase the beauty of bridge and the river, which is why they are expressed and shown more, as compared to the miniature town in the background. Simply put, Whistler set out to produce an art piece that would capture the beauty of the river during nighttime and stir up emotions in those who viewed it. Judgement
I believe that the idea behind this painting was to showcase the beauty of a certain area by using fairly similar color tones and designs. In this case, the Battersea Bridger and Thames River was made to be the center of attention, while the rest of the painting was covered in various shades of blue. The use of multiple shades of blue was intended since the painting itself is calm and tranquil and blue is often associated with being peaceful and calm. Overall, this painting expresses the author's appreciation for the place where he calls home and his unique usage of colors to instill a calm feeling in whomever is viewing

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