Essay Logistics, Transportation, Air, And Sea Transport

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Logistics is not merely organizing and streamlining the transport of goods. It requires consideration for the various challenges shippers and logistics experts face on a regular basis. The shipping industries, which include truck, rail, air, and sea transport face many challenges. Some of those challenges are industry specific; while others are challenges faced by all modes of transport. The most common challenges are those related to costs of fuel, limitations in infrastructure, and those related to acquisition of equipment and technology. Each mode of transport may face challenges in each of these areas, though some will be able to overcome them more rapidly than others. It is assumed that fuel costs will continue to rise, even with an improved U.S. economy. However, infrastructure changes may not change in the near future, unless legislation to channel funds into highways and more expansive rail systems are passed. With the opening of the newly reconfigured Panama Canal, some companies will need to purchase more equipment. Many companies had sold some of their equipment due to economic conditions. They will be scrambling to compete and to purchase more equipment at the lowest cost, while maintaining desired quality. The canal will be able to handle much larger ships, with wider and deeper passage.
Larger capacity gives companies an opportunity to ship products along the Gulf coast more efficiently.
However, larger ships require ports and harbors…

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