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We have discussed ‘challenges’ and I want to make sure you are aware of how we define challenges.

A ‘challenge’ can be on an emotionally reactive level, anything from a small negative reaction to a full on meltdown and all the emotions that can include. Or a ‘challenge’ can be what appears to come from external events such as loosing a job, illness and other life events.

A ‘challenge’ is anything at all that creates a reaction within you that is not a balanced one!

I want to keep this information as simple as possible, because it does not need to be complicated in order for you to see what is already within you.

How do you put into practice moving into your authentic self and best life?

By remembering these next two sentences, at all
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In this instance, a thought instructs energy to form matter, producing a chemical reaction, which produces a physical reaction/feeling of nervousness. It started as a thought but manifested as a chemical and physical reaction.

Some of the signs/symptoms you may experience when not living as your authentic self can include;

• Emotional/mental symptoms such as: feelings of unrest, boredom, anxiety, lack of enthusiasm, insecurities, lack of self confidence, mood changes, anxiety, depression, and any emotion that leaves you feeling regularly unbalanced.

• Any need to regularly change your experience of life, such as through alcohol, drugs, sleeping a lot, gossiping, excessive exercise, watching lots of TV, over or under eating, creating drama in your life, focusing on others drama, the need to constantly control others or your environment and a need to constantly achieve.

• Life experience symptoms may include: difficult relationships with friends/colleagues/family. Financial problems, work issues and any other negative events or life situations.

• Physical symptoms may include: digestive issues, tiredness, colds, on going niggling ailments and health challenges in the form of illness and
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someone’s opinions or judgements press your buttons) or longer term challenge (e.g. job insecurity or problems within the family) you always have a choice in how you react, however difficult you perceive a situation you can choose a higher more positive and productive thought or an ego based victim reaction.

Remember, the reaction or emotion you choose is energy and will form matter. This is exactly the moments where your reality, your life experience is created.

Allow negative reactive or emotional energy, whenever and however often it arises, to move through you and away, you can be aware of it but do not give your focus and energy to it; it is past programming and does not belong to you. The negative energy of the event/emotion will transform itself through your awareness and intention to release.

NB. If at any time, for whatever reason, it is not possible to access higher thoughts and see the bigger picture in the moment, engage in something else and move your thoughts to something unrelated that helps you fell calm, peaceful and happy. This is not avoidance but a simple way to detach from reacting to the present moment experience in an unhelpful way. You can, if necessary come back to holding the intention to release and heal the situation when you feel more

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