Essay about Local School Boards And Local Schools

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In the United States our educational system is principally the obligation of local members of the community, the state and the federal government. At the local level we have the school boards that have the “essential task of connecting federal and state laws and strategies with the real and diverse world of local people in a way that is close to the community and accountable for it.” (Koonce, 2015, p. 151)
The local board has the responsibility of supporting an organizational structure of their school system, they must assure that financials are in order, state mandates are followed, students’ are receiving a first-rate education, and they are the liaisons of their communities to state and federal entities. Local school boards help their communities because they are a part of those communities themselves they are able to fully understand and identify with issues and struggles that their communities are experiencing. The local school boards are the representation that the communities need, “local school boards insist on deliberation; they give parents and teachers a place to speak out and perhaps oppose whatever bold actions are on the table.” There are many reforms that are being proposed to school boards to try and fix the so called crisis the public school system is in but school boards need to be careful of not embracing “reforms too quickly, without adequate evidence of their value.” (Ravitch, 2010, p. 155) Tucker (2010) believes that the only solution is to change the…

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