Living The Perfect Life : My Life Essay

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Living The Perfect Life At the end of my life I want to be able to look back and think to myself of what a wonderful life that I had. As long as I can do that and remember all the great times that I had, my life will be successful. Life is not about what you do, it is about how you live it and who you experience it with. Everyone’s expectations of a happy life are different and unique in their own ways. What I value most in life is family. I value family the most because without my family I would not be here. Families are people that you can always lean on and trust to have your back in any situation. Without my family, I would not be the strong, independent person that I am today. My plan in order to live a good, long life would be to exercise regularly, eat healthy, let happiness come into my life, and have a good relationship with my family Exercise has always been a big part of my life and important to me. I exercise to make myself stronger, happier, and healthier. Whatever is on the scale does not matter to me, I just always tell myself that muscle weights more than fat. As long as I feel good about myself, I do not worry about anything else (Andersen). An extra bonus to exercising regularly is that I get to splurge sometimes and have an extra piece of cake or ice cream. Working out does not just keep me in shape, it also makes my days a lot easier. Whenever I exercise, I am not as tired as I would be if I had just laid around all day eating junk food and watching…

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