Essay on Living A Life Of Life

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In order to live a life worth living, people must be able to enjoy and love what they are doing, not be afraid of change, and embrace change and accept challenges. Living a life worth living for a human being means not being afraid of the unknown, embracing challenges and not being afraid to be yourself because a person would not be able to do what they most enjoy if they are afraid of being themselves. Often times, people are afraid to be themselves as a result of social norms and may be afraid of what society may think and perceive them as. In the first position paper, I was unclear with a number of points and contradict myself somewhat. In order to live a life well-lived, human beings must first have self-knowledge and after they have this, they can begin to reconstruct their beliefs, morals and values which eventually leads to a living a life of excellence. The idea of self-knowledge and the reevaluating of a person’s current beliefs, morals and values are very important steps into living a life well-lived because as soon as a person starts questioning why a person believes what they believe, they can seek greater truths in things. In reference to Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, as a society, people are prisoners of what the media tells them and what society perceives as “true” or “real”. As soon as people are able to escape the cave and they are able to find the deeper truth in things which leads to a person living a life well-lived. Those who are outside of the cave…

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