Little People, Big Problems Essay

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Little People, Big Problems: How To Handle The More Challenging Aspects Of Preschool

It 's no secret that early learning can lead to later success in life, but what happens when you send your child off to a preschool or daycare and they come back with reports of problems? While it may be easier to give up and keep them home longer, that may not be in anyone 's best interest, particularly if you and/or your partner have professional obligations.

Here are a few of the more pressing challenges your youngster may face and how the two of you can cope together:

Not Getting Along With Others

Making the adjustment from home life to school can be tough, especially since this is most likely your child 's first time away from home for long periods. With the comforts of home gone, fear and anxiety may manifest themselves in the form of anti-social behavior or even aggression.

Problem: Your child is fighting with others.

Solution: Invite other children to your home or a common neighborhood play area. Taking your child out of the potentially stressful environment should relieve some of the pressure, affording them the opportunity to just play constructively. This experience will also show other kids the playful, enjoyable and agreeable side of your child, opening up more doors socially back in the classroom environment.

A Bully At Preschool

Just the thought of facing a bully is enough to scare any child from wanting to go out into the world, but since that 's not likely a viable…

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