`` Little Man, Black, And Don Baylor All Share A Point Towards The Reflection Of Society

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In sociology, there is an in depth structure about society functions and how they connect to the individuals who are within it. In a society, there is always a form of a social structure—whether that is sex, ethnicity, or class. In a sense, society teaches people, that there is only one way of seeing. However, sociology goes more in depth as it gives a person different perspectives and behaviors of individuals. In My Life With Lifers, by Elaine Leeder, conveys a deeper explanation of socialization through the personal experiences of multiple real life prisoners (lifers). In the book, Little man, Black, and Don Baylor all share a point towards the reflection of society to oneself. Little Man’s behaviors reflect upon the idea of self-awareness in which he is casted as the product of the agents of socialization, along with Black. As for Don Baylor, he is also the victim of an agent, but he is the victim of the formal social sanction group. During his time in prison, Little Man learns to create his own culture. In a sense, he develops his own individual personality, given within his set of social conditions. When one speaks of socialization, it is often associated with a young child because they grow up to learn and develop new skills to work within their environment. However, in Little Man’s case, it is a bit different. Indeed, it was “the toll of his childhood experiences that left Little man deeply damaged.”(Leeder, 77) However, comparing the man he grew out to be, to who he…

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