Littering Is More Harmful Than You Think Essay

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Littering is More Harmful Than You Think “There’s so much traffic! We’re going to be stuck here for at least an hour,” my mom said helplessly. I knew she was right, so I began getting comfortable in the passenger seat. My mom and I are very patient when it comes to traffic because we know that there is nothing we could do to get out of it. On the other hand, there are people that get extremely frustrated. As I looked around I saw red tail lights, people eating their lunch in their car, drivers trying to merge into lanes, and irritated people trying to get to their destination. My mom and I were stuck next to a driver that was eating a McDonald’s burger. I knew it was a McDonald’s burger because I recognized the yellow wrapper with golden arches. “Stop staring at that man; he’s going to think you’re a creep,” my mom said jokingly. “I can’t help it; he eats funny,” I said as I began to laugh. As I glanced over to look at the driver again, I noticed he finished eating. He started putting his trash away in the McDonald’s bag and I saw that he didn’t know where to place the trash bag. In my mind, I thought the man was going to leave the trash bag in his car, but that did not happen. The man rolled down his window and threw the trash bag, including his drink, out into the street. “Mom, did you see what he just did?” I said in shock. “People do that every day. Why are you so surprised?” I was so angered; I didn’t know what to do. I decided to roll down my window and try to get…

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