Literature : History As A Form Of Art Essay

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Literature in History as it Pertains to Social Issues

Throughout history we can see man communicate with one another through the form of writing. Early writing began with small images, we see the ideas of man as paleolithic art found in caves. Man has wanted to be able to communicate with each other and with generations to follow. Pictographs and symbols telling stories progressed, eventually seeing an alphabet emerge in Egypt, hieroglyphs. Early Greeks had formed a phonetic alphabet. Whether man was writing in stone, on clay tablets, or on wood, bone, or leather, he had a desire to share his thoughts. As writing developed, so did man’s ideas. Now armed with written language, man could present his views of humanity to others. Writers could use literature as a form of art to discuss social problems as well as their solutions. We see great use of writing, in form of poetry, cartoons, and short stories, in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. From the English Romantic poet, to the Victorian Age, writers used their skills to bring about awareness of social issues. Let us take a look at some of the most influential writers in history and explore their poetry and novels. Literature may take many forms. From plays and poetry, to essays and novels, literature can be filled with subjects such as romance or tragedy, good and evil, or matters of social and moral norms. Some great works of literature have come from early Greek philosophers. Reading and writing spread, allowing…

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