Literature And The Literary Time Period Essay

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Film are essential
There are many different kinds of resources used to widen student 's understanding of literature and the literary time period. Films play a large role in doing this, even though some think they prove to have little benefits. The students truly get something out of it. This is proven when the students explain something down the road and uses examples from the video instead of the actual piece of literature. A large amount of research indicates that visual cues help students to better retrieve and remember information. Research from The Institute for the Advancement of Research in Education indicates that more than 40% of students are visual learners, who prefer to be taught through video, pictures, diagrams, flow charts, timelines, films, and demonstrations (What). Students tend to take something away from a visual piece more than from a written piece of literature due to this, films are necessary.
One video Bryan High School’s senior English class watched is A Knights Tale. This film showed the students what it was like in the medieval time period. This was a time for both the nobles and peasants to come together and enjoy the same entertainment of jousting as a group. Though the nobles would get the best seats, both classes would have a lot of fun. It also gives insight on the way they dressed back then as well as the way they traveled, which was by horses.
A Knights Tale also provided students with details of the entertainment of jousting. The most…

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