Literary Elements Of William Shakespeare 's Twelfth Night Essay

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Literary Elements in Twelfth night
While writing, the writers have to have the skill to mesmerize their readers and to convey the message powerfully and effectively. To keep the attention of the readers intact, the authors use special technique and skill. This technique lies in their skilful use of the literary components. In the composition of literary work, the common components are plot, setting, characters, theme, mood, tone, structure, language, metaphor, allusion, symbolism etc. These components are quite common in literature, but then, some novels, poetry or plays are highly appreciated and gains a status of ‘classic literature’. It is because the literary components are very unique and reflect the writer’s ability and immense creativity. These components play a crucial role in enhancing the beauty of the literary work.
The success and effectiveness of the literary work lies in its skilful use of literary elements. Even today Shakespeare is widely read and studied. One of the reasons for the comprehensive readability of Shakespeare is his extraordinary skill in using the literary elements in his plays. The paper argues how the literary elements enhance the beauty and generate interest among the readers. To support the argument the two major elements of Shakespeare’s play Twelfth Night” have been taken into consideration. They are allusion and imagery. The dramatic monologue has also been discussed separately
Shakespeare prominently uses the allusions from Greek and…

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