Twelfth Night And Pride And Prejudice Analysis

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Attaining independence through opposing gender roles in the 1600-1800
In the play Twelfth Night and the novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen female and male characters experience a phenomenon that had rarely been seen before in this time period. Gender roles had been an important part of history since the beginning of time and seemed to be respected and followed by citizen of all kind in England during the 1600-1800. Society had expectations for women and men and how they were expected to act, the assumption that women and men had to act their certain ways had been challenged and faced immediate qualification. Men were anticipated to be strong, willing and brave while women had to essentially be background noise in the focus of their lives.
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Woman who challenged gender roles in both of these novels seemed to gain some sort of independence and not get ashamed for it, men who challenged gender roles had to face humiliation and were considered weak and incapable. Men such as Duke Orsino and Sir. Andrew Aguecheek didn 't necessarily fit the part of a “manly man”. “O, when mine eyes did see Olivia first, methought she purged the air of pestilence. That instant was I turned into a heart, and my desires, like fell and cruel hounds, E 'er since pursue me.”(Nunn 0:20:03) This shows that Duke Orsino is a complete romantic, he is confessing his love for Olivia to Cesario which is not typical for a man in that time period to do. Duke Orsino shows female assets like being a romantic and showing that he has a sort of unpredictable sense about him. Sir. Andrew Aguecheek also demonstrates female characteristics by being scared and timid to fight against “Cesario”. Aguecheek initially wants to fight for Olivia 's love but instead find himself scared and in a helpless situation. Sir. Toby explains to Aguecheek that Cesario is a talented fighter, and Sir. Andrew begins to regret his decision, Sir. Toby notices these female qualities about Sir. Andrew and uses them to humiliate and torture Sir. Andrew. Men and women both challenged gender …show more content…
Considering the fact that women were not shown in the best light and had many rules and commands that they had to live by, these novels really allowed women to be what they wanted and told them that they can be independent and do things out of the comfort of people around them. Woman developed not only characteristics of men but also gave themselves the freedom to express any characteristic they wanted which is why they are believed to be so independent. Ultimately the characters in the works of literature from this time period began to show us how women can gain independence by processing whatever qualities and characteristic they

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