Literary Devices In The Drum Boy Of Shiloh, By Ray Bradbury

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As I turned the last page to be turned in the most recent Rick Riordan book, a feeling of disappointment shoved out the feeling of happiness from a captivating story. Ending such a good book makes me feel so upset! Don’t you ever feel this way? You read something so captivating, so satisfying, and it all has to end. Wonder what makes you feel this way? The author uses literary devices to add color and meaning throughout the story. It keeps the reader interested and wanting more. One example of an author using literary devices in a story is present in ‘’The Drummer Boy of Shiloh’’ by Ray Bradbury. The author’s use of literary devices greatly impacts how colorful the story is in a positive way. Some literary devices the author uses as …show more content…
Symbolism, according to Webster’s Dictionary, is defined as, “artistic imitation or invention that is a method of revealing or suggesting immaterial, ideal, or otherwise intangible truth or states’’. This means some things or objects have a bigger picture or mean something greater than what they seem like. An example from the text where the author uses symbolism is in line 2. Bradbury wrote, “At midnight a peach stone left miraculously, on a branch thorough winter, flicked by a bird, fell swift and unseen, struck once, like panic, which jerked the boy upright’’. and ‘’very close to the church named shiloh, the peach blossoms fell on the drum’’. In this example, the author uses the peach stone as a symbol for something bigger than it seems. I think the peach stone represents the boy being unable to see what he will become in the war. This is represented by the seed, which over time, grows into what it is meant to be. The seed could grow into a tree, like the boy will grow into his role. Also, for the second quote, it mentions the peach blossom falling on the drum. I believe the author is telling us that the boy blossomed into the role he was meant to be in war. The impact of symbolism on the reader is that symbolism gives a chance for the reader to figure out what certain things in the story, which gives them a better idea of the passage. With symbolism, every single object feels like it could mean something greater, and it seems fun figuring out what they mean. It would have been much less impactful had the author wrote, “The boy was scared and unconfident in his role of the war” and ‘’The boy knew his purpose in the army and was at peace with

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