Literary Analysis : Jack The Ripper Essay

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Since its invention in the late nineteenth century, the name “Jack the Ripper” has caused numerous historians and writers to obsess over its meaning. The name has become an image of horror, sexual perversion, crime, filth, and savagery in the minds of these writers. For them, Jack the Ripper is more than a man or a murderer; he is an enigma that has grown over the years to become a source of fascination that continues today. British historian Judith Walkowitz describes the Ripper “as the prototype of dozens of filmic and fictional treatments and as the inspiration for numerous real-life ‘heroes’ of crime…Over the past hundred years, the Ripper murders have achieved the status of a modern myth of male violence against women.” This successfully exemplifies the legacy of the Ripper’s image over the past century. Walkowitz goes on to focus on how this image of the Ripper is rooted in Victorian morals and culture, combined with sensationalism. Her analysis is critical for understanding how Victorian culture influenced the images created by the police and the press. The focus of this thesis, however, is to explain what the two images created by the police and the press were and show that these images are different from each other, because the press’ motive was to sell papers, while the police’s purpose was to catch the killer. These images are created by the police and press through their reports during the case, and their symbolism appears in Jack the Ripper’s representations in…

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