Essay on Literacies in Context

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EDEE 400 – Assignment 1 Literacy in schools today not only involves teaching students to read and write, but is also heavily focused on giving students the necessary vocabulary and skills to understand different text types according to the key learning areas (KLAs) they are undertaking. While traditional ideas of literacy often ignored the diverse needs of students, contemporary notions of literacy are constantly evolving in response to changes in situational …show more content…
As noted earlier, language varies according to its function (Cornish & Gardner, 2009, p.244). Particular learning areas use different text types. Economics, like history, uses a combination of recount and argument, and like science, uses a combination of observation and explanation (UNE, 2012a, p.5). The economic syllabus places a strong importance on the use of specialized, technical language, often described as economic terminology (BOS NSW, 2009, p.9). This terminology is present throughout all forms of economic resources, including government policies, budget reports, independent research papers and newspaper articles. In both

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