Lit A Memoir By Mary Karr Essay

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Lit a Memoir
In the following paragraphs I will provide with a brief review of Lit a Memoir by Mary karr. Lit depicts Mary’s life growing up to be a mother, wife and her issues with drug use. She struggles with drinking and it took a toll in her family and more specifically her marriage. The book was beautifully written and brings forward some of Mary’s poetic background in her style of writing. I will attempt to relate Mary’s struggles with alcohol abuse to the topics brought forward in class and through our readings. Specifically, Mary’s developments of alcohol abuse and its effect on her loved ones, and her eventual transformation through Alcoholics Anonymous and spirituality.
The book starts with Mary trying to get an education for herself but can not seem to manage to stay committed to her goals. She seems to not be able to finish what she sets out to do. She however, finds herself around people that are very supportive and encourage her to continue and push through a haze of uncertainty. She found guides that directed her to get therapy. While she seems reluctant to even get help, a teacher managed to help her during her undergrad years. Even when she quit school sophomore year teachers would swing by were she worked and provided materials they knew she was interested in dream or memory research.
Mary come from a family that has had alcoholism as an issues. Mary’s mother drinks and takes pills more that Mary would like her to do so. Mary references occasions…

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