Listening And Learning Language Easier For Them Essay

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Help children to make listening and learning language easier for them by following some simple guidelines:
 Position yourself face to face as you play and talk with them. This makes it easier for them to see when you are talking, and to shift their attention back and forth between their activity and your face. Being able to see your face also allows the child to use your facial expressions and lip patterns to help them understand your words.
 Make sure you have the child’s attention each time you talk to them.
 Keep your language simple. Avoid long or complicated sentences when talking to the child.
 At group times, make sure the child is sitting where they can best see your face. (Make sure that the light is not behind you, otherwise your face will be in shadow and your mouth will be harder to see.) Use gestures alongside your speech to help the child understand important words.
 Be aware that background noise will affect the child’s ability to hear what you are saying.
 Talk at a natural pace, not too fast or too slowly, and do not shout, as this can distort your lip patterns and is unpleasant for the child.
 If you are concerned about a child’s hearing or speech and language development, discuss the matter with their parents as soon as possible.
Educators need to be familiar with the components of speech, language and communication in order to understand how children acquire language. You should be familiar with the particular meanings of the terms so that you are…

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