Link Photo Sharing And Activity On Facebook Severely Impact On The Amount Of Shame And Anxiety

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Studies #1 and #3 both link photo sharing and activity on Facebook severely impact the amount of shame and anxiety one may experience. Study #1 also explained that a study done by Chou and Edge in 2012 stated that U.S Facebook users assumed that their friends didn’t try very hard to post flattering photos of themselves (which wasn’t the case), and therefor compared themselves to very high standards (unrealistic ones), which resulted in their lowering of self-esteem. They also found that both men and women described having lower self-esteem after viewing the photos of very attractive people on social media sites. Women reported “significantly higher levels of body-surveillance and body shame” (Manago M. Adriana 2015).
Study #3 used a Physical Appearance Comparison Scale to determine the inclination to compare one’s own image to someone else’s (in the context of looking at other people’s shared Facebook photos). Facebook users scored higher on the measures used that Facebook non-users, from which we can interpret that Facebook use, especially appearance-related use (photos) increases physical appearance comparisons, self-objectification, drive for thinness, and weight dissatisfaction (Meier P. Evelyn 2014).
Studies #4 and #5 both stated that social media users (particularly Facebook and Instagram) who have more exposure to users who portray themselves as very successful (or present themselves in a very “positive, flattering, or attractive” way, are more likely…

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