Limiting A Minority Group 's Education Essay

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Limiting a minority group’s education is one of the best methods of oppression. Women

have been faced with this time and time again in order for the dominant group—males—to feel

superior. Women’s education has been directly linked to their social roles for many years.

During the 15th century, women had prominent roles in society and were given their own rights.

Due to the plagues that engulfed Europe during this time, there were much more opportunities

for women to take on jobs that, traditionally only the men would carry out. “The necessity for

literacy in reading court documents…allowed women the ability to become educated” (“Women

in the 15th Century”). Once society’s views on women began to shift, so did the views towards

women’s education. During the 18th century, women’s main concerns were to become “skilled at

household duties and chores in order to find a suitable husband” (“1700’s: Colonial Education”).

Women have been conforming to whatever types of norms that dominant groups have set for a

very long time—especially when it came to their education. Women’s agency has very much

been a tool for the male population to oppress. By representing the norm as that which women

chose to follow was the only way that dominant groups have been able to undermine women’s

education for so long without protestation from the latter group.

Females have been seen and treated as the dependent group in regards to their “superior”

sex, the male. In Donald…

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