Limitations for Sme Internationalisation Essay

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Literature review 3 SME internationalization 6 Barriers 8 Internal barriers 11 External barriers 17 Conclusions 20 List of literature 22

Literature review
The first article I used was "SMEs' Barriers Towards Internationalization and Assistance Requirements in the UK” published in Journal of Small business and Entrepreneurship. Existing studies have identified a number of barriers, both perceived and actual, that affect firms’ internationalization. Arguably, these factors have primarily been identified via an exporting perspective that has tended to feature heavily in previous studies in comparison to firms engaged in multiple modes of market entry (joint ventures, licensing, etc.). This paper reports
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This concept was used in the second part of the essay while describing influence of the firm’s size on the ability to internationalize.
“International marketing behaviour amongst exporting firms”. The main factors affecting market entry relate to proximity due to local representation and a need for service in the local market. The main obstacles are administrative and technical impediment and a fierce competitive situation. Changing market conditions also have an impact on a need to change the marketing strategy. A conceptual model has been developed from findings in the study and by integrating internationalisation and marketing theory. Practical implications — The main implication is the importance of the fact that management has a commitment to and engagement in international activities especially when a firm is trying to establish a position in a local market. Another implication is that management needs to understand and meet service requirements in the local export market. Originality/value — This paper fulfils an identified need for recognising the importance of learning more about international marketing behaviour among small and large exporting firms. The findings in this study indicate no general difference in “ International marketing behaviour amongst exporting firms”.
I’ve also used an article from Journal of international business research named “Export barriers and performance of SME”. Using a sample drawn from exporting firms from the

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