Like Father Like Son, Cameron John Gautreau, The Tip Of The Iceberg

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Like Father Like Son Cameron John Gautreau, that’s my name. Some people say your name is who you are but I believe it’s the tip of the iceberg. A name is only an identification tag given to you because your mom thought it was cute when she heard it at a high school baseball game. What is it that defines who you are as an individual? I believe there are many things that made me the person I am today but it ultimately comes down to my family and most influentially my father. If you look at me now you wont see the foundation I was built on, as the years have gone by I have grown up and grown as my own individual from my parents. However when I was younger I was connected to their hips. For example, when my dad would have to work nights we would spend all day together playing sports in the yard or watching TV together. Come four o’clock when it was time for him to leave for work I was desperate for a few more hours to cling to his side and rambunctiously follow him all around the house with my football in my hand pretending that the couch or vacuum were the defenders and dad was the last man I had to get around to score the game winning touchdown. My father is apart of just about every defining memory shaping the man I am to day. One of my biggest interest my entire life has been sports, any and all. I’m a competitive person so anything that gives out a prize for first place you can sign me up for. My competitive edge comes from a childhood of following my father around…

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