Lifetime Depression Caused By Divorce Essay

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While Baker and Brassard talk about lifetime depression caused by divorce, Eleni Vousoura, a counseling and clinical psychologist, and her colleagues Helen Verdeli, Virginia Warner, Priya Wickramaratne and Charles Baily talk about how depression can be hereditary and may still be caused by divorce. Vousoura and her associates did the first three-generational study on the effects of depression and how it is correlated with divorce. They studied one hundred seventy-eight children around the age of fourteen who are from both divorced and intact families to see if they were at risk for divorce, much like their parents and grandparents. Vousoura and others had found that “depression in grandparents was a risk factor for psychopathology in grandchildren…” and that “…parental divorce would be associated with offspring psychopathology…” (Vousoura, et al. 719). Vousoura and her coworkers found that if one generation was affected by their parents’ divorce, then there was a higher chance of the next generation becoming divorce and depressed because of their parents’ divorce. This is because families follow trends, and if the examples they’ve had for relationships from their parents and grandparents have ended in divorce, they will not know how to have a strong, long-lasting relationship that does not end in divorce. They have never had an influential marriage in their life last, so they will not know how to prevent divorce, or believe that they can prevent divorce in their own…

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