Lifelong Learning : An Definition Essay

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Lifelong Learning:
European Commission (2001; 9) defined lifelong learning as ‘all learning activity undertaken throughout life, with the aim of improving knowledge, skills and competence, within a personal, civic, social and/ or employment-related perspective’ (Alsop, 2013;2). Debates:
Lifelong learning covers the full scope of procurement of learning opportunities, from early adolescence through school to further and advanced education. Nonetheless, it stretches out past formal instruction to non-formal and casual learning for out-of-school youth and grown-ups (Yang and Valdés-Cotera, 2011). Lifelong learning is about instruction worldwide, training for everybody advanced education. Learning is individualized and lifelong and the idea of disappointment is not fitting as it just applies to set courses and settled parameters of advance (Bartlett and Burton, 2012).
Lifelong learning has been connected to creating human capital where 'lifelong learning is training for the information economy ' (World Bank, 2003 cited in Casey, 2012:327), and to more 'critical ', humanistic and postmodern ideas of consideration and practical advancement. UNESCO (2004) stated that, we are currently living in a quick changing and complex social, monetary and political world to which we have to adjust by progressively quickly obtaining new learning, aptitudes and states of mind in an extensive variety of connections. An individual would not have the capacity to meet life…

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