Essay on Life Stories Of Steve Jobs

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Life Stories of Steve Jobs How do people know what path to take, what choices to make, and what career to pursue in their life. High school and college, for those that go, is meant to give guidance in what direction to go in life. Steve Jobs, the late co-founder of Apple and Pixar, knows first-hand that this isn’t always the case however. In a commencement speech he gave to the graduating class of Stanford in 2005, Jobs constructed a brilliant collection of three stories that formed a cohesive mantra: try new things until you find what you love then pursue that passion, no matter what happens. Graduation speeches are meant to give advice to the newly graduated from personal experiences of the what the speaker has learned in their life. Jobs begins his by telling the crowd, of new college graduates, that he personally never graduated from college and that he wants to share three stories from his life (“Text of Steve Jobs ' Commencement Address (2005)”). Each story has a main point that builds on the last and goes chronologically through his life.
Jobs’ first story teaches the audience to follow their passions and know it will all make sense in the end (“Text of Steve Jobs ' Commencement Address (2005)”). As college graduates, the audience is at a crucial point in their lives. They now need to decide whether or not to continue to graduate school or find a job that they want to do, for possibly the rest of their lives. The first story starts with the beginning of Jobs’ life;…

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