Essay about Life Of The Dead By Marcus Tullius Cicero

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“The life of the dead is set in the memory of the living.” (Marcus Tullius Cicero). Over six million lives were extinguished by the Nazis during the Holocaust. Many of these people are nameless to the masses, but are survived by those who were in close relationships with them. After the Holocaust, many attempted to find loved ones, but few had availed. With countless murdered in the tragic event, few loved ones found each other; however, those lost are remembered by those who were given new lives.
The first step to a new life in the Holocaust was the liberation of the work camps, starting January 1945. The first camp that the Allies liberated was Auschwitz, where only a few thousand were found, as the rest were forced to go on a Death March, a marching of prisoners from camp to camp as the Nazi SS attempted to gather as many people to maintain their forced labor. According to The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, ““The retreating Germans had destroyed most of the warehouses in the Camp, but in the remaining ones… discovered… hundreds of thousands of men’s suits, more than 800,000 woman 's outfits, and more than 14,000 pounds of human hair” (“Introduction”). The shocking number of remains found at Auschwitz reveals the vast difference in the amount of lost lives compared to those living. Those who survived are forced to carry the burden of the ghosts of those who were unable to survive the horrendous deeds of the Nazis. Those who survived the liberation of the camps…

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