Personal Narrative-A Life Of Little Bets

A life of “little bets”
As I brainstormed to determine the feedback direction for Module 1, a single thought kept creeping in my head: “Wow, this was like when I did blank”. I have to admit, = my entire life has been a series of “Little Bets”, even prior to my birth. This may sound odd, but truly I have a life that is stranger than fiction;the following will entail how my life, Rebecca Anniversary Merry-Pruss has been a trail of “little bets”.
I remember my mother telling me about her pregnancy with me, I think it was her way of providing subliminal messages to me that I would never fit perfectly into any stereo typical little box. I was her third, and last child. Having two older siblings and she was a recent divorcee working two jobs
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My foot latterly was twisted upside down at the ankle. The doctor’s wanted to break my leg in three places in order to correct it, but it would mean I would have had a 70% of an abnormal stride the rest of my life. My mother refused the surgery and over the course of the next 9 months had me endure physical therapy daily. I think it was my left foot, meaning every once in while I have a limp and I successfully played sports in middle school and high school. It was only when I enlisted in the Navy that was discovered one leg is slightly longer than the other, but it did not enough prevent me from …show more content…
My naval career included going to the second hardest school in the navy, I qualified for the top school for enlisted but my gender disqualified me. The skills I acquired academically and professionally during my navy enlistment molded me into the strong woman I am today. I am no longer the meek girl that hides in the corner trying not to be noticed, afraid to stand up. I met an amazing man of whom I have been married to for 24 years and we have five amazing daughters (3 biological and 2 adopted). The skills from my navy career also helped me secure a job out-side the

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