Life of Jesus Christ Essay

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The life of Jesus Christ is a very emotional yet religious topic to explain about. His birth was miraculous, the way he lived was very sin free and religious and his death changed people's lives forever. The innocence and loyalty that Jesus portrayed was still not enough for the Roman Empire. He was just too over powering for the government and other peoples lives and was considered a risky individual.

The birth of Jesus was said to be on December 25 yet in the bible there was no set date on which he was born. Jesus was born in Jerusalem 200 years ago to a young woman named Mary. Mary was a virgin who had been visited by angels and had been explained about this miraculous birth that was going to take place. It was said that Joseph was
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However, according to more than 500 witnesses, Jesus returned from the dead three days later on a sunday, and over the next 40 days journeyed in both the southern and northern provinces of Israel. To many, this was conclusive proof that Jesus' claims to be God were real. Then Jesus returned to Jerusalem, the city where he was recently executed, and according to witnesses, he left the earth alive by rising up into the sky. People could not believe what had happened. Could they have really had executed a great leader with amazing powers. A man that was so courageous, fearless, compassionate, forgiving, forsaking the riches and befriending the lowly had died a very unnecessary death.

After Jesus' execution, the christian faith increased immensley. People worldwide are now practising the faith of Jesus. His death has changed history and people's lives and the way they act, live and treat others around them. Within 100 years, people throughout the Roman empire (Asia Minor, Europe) became followers of Jesus. In 325 AD, the following of Jesus, Christianity, became the official religion of the Roman Emperor Constantine. Within 500 years, even Greece's temples of Greek gods were transformed into churches for followers of Jesus.

Although some of Jesus' messages and teachings were diluted or miscommunicated through the expansion of a religious institution, Jesus' original words and life still speak

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