Life Of A Child Is Precious Essay

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Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, and Christianity have distinct opinions and justifications for their position on abortion, however they all share common exceptions for the termination of a pregnancy. The four of these religions allow a child to be aborted if the conception resulted from rape or incest, or if the pregnancy places the mother’s life in danger. Since rape and incest violate the religions’ other teachings, the pregnancy was conducted under immoral terms and can therefore bypass the widely accepted views on abortion. The life of a child is precious, but the mother’s physical health is put first during the pregnancy. If she chooses, she can continue the pregnancy and deliver the baby, although none of the previously stated religions will find her guilty of blame if she decides to continue her own life at the cost of her child. (I FEEL LIKE THESE TWO HIGHTLIGHTED THINGS ARE SAYING THE SAME THING.)
Different religions approach the divisive and contentious topic of abortion in various ways. Considering the wide variety of ancient and modern interpretations on god’s opinion of abortion, this essay will explore the foundational scriptures that form the basis of belief of each of these four faiths. In doing so, this work will focus on contemporary interpretations of the value placed on life, and in particular, will attempt to dissect and explain modern stances on abortion within a religious framework.
Hinduism is a belief that can suit a large variety of people.…

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