Argumentative Essay On Declaration Of Independence

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“Life, liberty and the pursuit of Happiness’, the founding principals this country was founded on. Is that not why our founding fathers encrypted this in our Declaration of Independence. These so called “unalienable rights” are essential human rights that should not be denied to anyone, and a government is established to protect those rights. The Declarations of Independence was written in seventeen-seventy six with the trust to the government that they would honor this agreement. It is now the year two thousand fourteen and the government has failed to deliver their mutual agreement with the people. The lack of natural rights has been an ongoing issue since the start of this country with the Civil War of 1861 and also the Civil Rights Movement, …show more content…
Is that not why the forefathers choose to use this in the Declaration of Independence. Yet the word can mean nothing to some people like the Homosexual and lesbian community that are being discriminated to their way of “Life”. Many political figures are strictly against same sex marriage. Political figures that can one day run the country such as presidential candidate Mitt Romney who recently stated, “Marriage should only be between a man and woman” (Romney). That is simple minded and very ignorant to think in such an ancient manner. Yes marriage between a man and a woman has been traditional and has existed for centuries. We no longer live in a ancient world this is the twenty first century we no longer hang people by their necks. More and more gay and lesbian couple are adopting kids making it now very common. According to Hoff post, “Gay Voices” written by Kelli Kennedy the number of children being adopted by gay or lesbian couples nearly tripled. Giving children who otherwise would have stayed in a foster care home. The government has to accept what is happening, adopt and progress such as other countries have who have adopted same sex marriage such as the

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