Life Is A Matter Of Life Essay

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The concept of life itself is quite simple. Biologically the purpose of life is far less open to interpretation, remaining in the general area of keep living and reproduce so to keep life going. However, it is when people try to add significance and value to life that things become convoluted. Why is that? Because one may say that the value of life is one thing, then another may say something else. But which one is right? Both and neither—to put it simply. In that there is neither a wrong nor right way to view life; for it is all a matter of perspective. However, it brings up the question: if the value/ significance of life is a matter of perspective that an individual must interpret and give, could it be that there is no true value/ significance to life? To answer the question bluntly-- no, there is no true value of life, but there are different ways to view life, may it be positive or negative. With those views being influenced by the experiences one has gone through. There is nothing that is quite as rare in the universe like life. It is only known to exist on one plant out of about 200 billion. Although life is considerably rare in the vast scale of things, people tend not to place much value on life itself. However, value is placed on the things that come with life, for instance knowledge and what that knowledge can get them. “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” (Franklin The Way to Wealth: Ben Franklin on Money and Success) So life can…

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