Essay about Life Is A Game Of Choice And Chance

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Life is a game of choice and chance. No one is able to control who his or her parents, and that is the chance portion of life. In contrary, everyone has the choice of learning from his or her childhood and making the rest of life the best he or she can make it. I have my very own story. The happenings of my early life has shaped me into the person I am now. It has also convinced me what I want to do after my highschool career. Through enduring many obstacles, observing my strengths and weaknesses, leading and giving back, and working hard to acheive goals I now know what I will choose to do.
I have been through a lot of struggle in my early life. Being through two divorces before the age of fifteen and being an eye witness to my father having a heart attack was not easy. The first divorce that I encountered, between my biological parents in 2003, is not very vivid in my mind, but the struggles in the years following the divorce, that my older brother of three years had, are situations that I could never forget. My brother, Alex, had a very hard time with the divorce and was a troublesome child for my mom in response. He would run away, act out at school and slack with his school work. Maybe part of it was just his personality, but I believe the majority of it was the pain he had from the divorce. My mom then got remarried a few years later and my brother would soon move in with my dad. I would then move with my dad in 2011. My dad had been in an on and off relationship with…

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