Essay on Life, Good Friends Are A Sure Refuge

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A wise man named Aristotle once said, “In poverty and other misfortunes of life, good friends are a sure refuge.” I agree with Aristotle’s statement because when someone is having a bad day there is someone who is our good friend. A good friend is loyal, patient, and kind. Good friends are loyal because they are the type of person who will always be a true confidant. For instance I once had a friend long ago named Pamela who held such the characteristic of loyalty.
The first time I met Pamela had been on the bus, she was sitting in the seat I usually sat in by myself since I didn’t have many people who wanted to be in my presence. Most of the kids thought I was weird because I always had my nose in a book rather than chat about irrelevant nonsense. So from then on I made that seat my own territory away from the bullies who made it their goal to give me an uncomfortable moment as much as their hearts desired. The first thing I noticed as I got on the bus that same morning was that someone was in my seat which was a rarity of all sorts because most people avoided me since I was a loner. I was kind of weary about sharing a seat because I liked having my own space. I did not like to share; however, it was just for today I usually got a seat to myself in the afternoon. After excusing myself I sat right next to her moving my backpack so that she would have some additional room. Then suddenly she spoke to me and her first words were, “Who are you?” I told her my name was Samantha…

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