Essay about Life Extension And Its Effect On Human Life

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Humans have a relationship with death that is having a tendency to expect it, grieve upon it, and try to avoid it. This relationship might now change. As it is now plausible that scientist might actually find a way to increase human lifespan. This is called Life extension and it is not same as keeping one alive longer instead one will remain youthful longer. Bio-gerontologists, in the last decade through their research, have found that speed of aging can be reduced in mammals by modifying genes (Pijnenburg, 2007, p.587). Success of these experimental efforts not surprisingly has raised a controversial issue of whether or not to continue research on extending human life. Lately there has been much scientific and philosophical discussion on this issue and researches have differing opinion on this issue. Some believe that it can be beneficial for humanity, yet others think it can be disastrous. Moreover it can be said although being alive is intrinsically valuable, there is a basic distinction between the desirability of being able to live within the limits of the current average life expectancy and the desirability to be alive beyond those limits. Having said that, considerable life extension is not in our best interest as it can cause social imbalance, can increase risk of being susceptible to disease as one gets older and can also give rise to ethical issue such as research on human subjects, conflicts with religious beliefs and morality of suicide.
Life extension can help…

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