Personal Narrative: Self-Abuse

Life Event III: Self-Abuse (2001)

At this age, I had a lot of changes going on in my life aside from puberty. My mother had decided to get married, she entered into a business arrangement with a man. He was illegal and he wanted his citizenship papers, and she wanted material items like a house, a car, and to not have to work again so they made an arrangement to get married. As we all know things do not go according to plan, especially when money is involved, my mother ended up pregnant with my little brother. He came as a shock because she was told that she could not have anymore children after me because she went through several miscarriages and one ectopic that cost her an ovary. She told me she was pregnant and getting married about a
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I got married to a man who was four years younger than me, and we were happier a year into our marriage, we decided we wanted a baby so we got started on making that dream a reality. We had a false positive, and for two weeks we thought we were pregnant, we went to the emergency room thinking we were miscarrying which was terrifying, but finding out we were not pregnant felt like a loss. My family never approved of my husband, but eventually they learned to tolerate him a little bit, but the problems never went away. He had his first affair a few months after my daughter was born, he had an affair with her godmother. I ended up kicking him out and he shut off the lights, the water and the car insurance on us, since I was so young I made the mistake of taking him back because I thought my daughter needed her father If I could go back I would never have taken him …show more content…
My aunt raised me from the day I was born, she even named me. The only happiness I had as a child was because of her, she was the mother I always wanted and she was my everything. Earlier this day she was feeling sick, I had tried to get her to go to the hospital, but she was stubborn and only agreed to go to the doctor the next day If I took her home, so I reluctantly agreed and I took her home. I didn’t press her I didn’t bug her I left her at home to rest and go to work in the morning. She was a paraprofessional and it was the first day of school for the teaching staff, I was doing summer school trying to finish my bachelors faster. On August 17 I was in class when I got a phone call from my mother telling me that the school called her and told her that my aunt did not show up to work that morning and they couldn’t get a hold of her. My mom went to her apartment, and her car was there, but she was not answering her phone and she couldn’t see through the windows, I was the only one who had an extra key. So I called my husband and he went to meet my mom, I left my class and drove back home. I knew something was wrong, I felt it in my bones. She had a massive stroke at 2am and even if she had been in a hospital, they couldn’t have helped her, but I should have taken her anyway and never left her

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