Life As A Drug Addict Essay

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Life as a Drug Addict Most people don’t see me doing drugs but I did and it ruined my life but I survived. I use to look down on people who did drugs and I didn’t understand why they did it and why they just wouldn’t stop using them. Then, I became a drug addict and I didn’t even know. I turned into a person no one knew. That one pill changed my life forever. Drugs don’t just effect the addict, it effects the addicts love ones as well. Addition is a real disease and it controls many of people.
In 2009 I was a happy 22 year old woman with my boyfriend of 3 years and our 3 kids. I was an at home mother and a pretty awesome mother. One night in Nov. 2009 changed my entire outlook on life. I had some dental work done and I was in excruciating pain when a friend suggested a painkiller which I more than willing took. I started taking painkillers for pain but then I started taking it because it made me feel good. At this point in my life drugs to me were cocaine, crack, acid, MDMA, & heroin. I did not know that prescriptions medication were also "drugs". I was not raised around drugs so I knew very little about them. I didn’t know about addiction being a disease or anything about withdrawals. This little pill came from a doctor so it is ok to take. WRONG!
The first time I starting to withdrawal, I thought I had a really bad case of the flu. I went to the doctors and they told me it was because I had stomach ulcers. I continued to take painkillers not…

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