Life And Technology: Pros And Cons Of Genetic Engineering

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Genetic engineering is the process of modifying organism’s genetic makeup by artificial means by transferring specific traits or genes from one organism to another organism of different species. It involves the addition of new DNA by methods such as gene gun and microinjection, to improve the standard and quality of an organism. Ever since genetic engineering came to the attention of the world as an efficient technique to overcome several health and food related problems, great controversies have surrounded the subject. Some scientists are concerned that genetic engineering is akin to playing God that is humans are tampering with the natural process of evolution. This essay argues that genetic engineering does
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Opponents also claim that procedures such as gene therapy can be extremely dangerous. For example, if the gene is inserted at the wrong position then it can result in expression in unusual ways. The newly created specie can also escape from laboratory and cause havoc in the society. Others have ethical issues regarding issues such as making genetic decisions regarding future generations without their consent. Other scientists share the concern about introducing genetic engineering in crops and other food materials which would result in development of increased herbicide and insecticide resistance and create a form of super weed. Unusual form of gene expression can lead to allergic reactions among …show more content…
Technological dependence in people has been growing over the years. The field of science is no different because the days of living in a cave are far past. For years we have been dependent on technology, from the manufactured pills to the clothes we wear and the vehicles we travel, so the argument about competing with nature becomes redundant. The technological advancement in biotechnology or genetic engineering cannot be ignored and cannot be stopped either because it serves a higher purpose. Mankind has been given power and knowledge to achieve great things in life so why not take complete advantage of it so as to improve their current existence.
Innovation is part of our existence. If people do not question they can never come up with a solution and we would not even have a telephone to communicate with one another. Yes, genetic engineering is a risky endeavor and yes it has a long way to go before bigger targets such as gene manipulation in humans can be achieved but it is here to stay and there is no disputing that (Balzer, Rippe & Schaber,

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