Life And Life Of Life Essay

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Life can be a short or long period of time on Earth, but either way life should be lived to the fullest. Death will come one day, whether it is expected or not. Too many people take life for granted and do not realize that days on Earth could be limited. Very few people know their death date unless the doctors have told them they only have so much time to live, but the doctors could still be wrong. A loved one dying can greatly affect many family members, in both positive and negative ways. Sadly, I have had many loved ones die. Just a few days ago a really close person to me passed away, my Grandma Alta. She has definitely impacted my life, and I am very happy to say that. My grandma and I have experienced a lot together. I would have preferred not to lose her, but I realized that I could not stop that from happening. Also, not wanting her to leave was very selfish due to the fact that she was getting old, suffering with every breath. So far, I have helped in every way I can. My dad took care of my grandma until recently; he had to put her in a nursing home because she was having too many health issues for him to keep up with. The day after she passed I helped my dad and my uncle Jeff go clean out her room. Jeff has not been there to help my dad take care of grandma, so that was the first conflict. Later, we all went to the funeral home to get the visitation and funeral process set up, which went smoothly. Once it was just my dad, Jeff, and I, Jeff was already asking…

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