Library Collection Scope Statement

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Collection Statement:
The primary responsibility of the Rose County Public Library is to serve the community and employees of Rose County by offering an expansive choice of materials to meet their informational, educational, cultural and recreational needs. Materials selected are based on the criteria that they aid whoever in finding whatever information they are seeking. With this goal in mind, RCPL is part of the Evergreen consortium, RCPL continues to advance and keep current its own collections, and RCPL participates in interlibrary loaning to gain access to materials that cannot be obtained in any other manner.
Collection Scope Statement:
Currently, the Rose Country Public Library is focusing on the collection of materials related to
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The biggest issue with the collection continues to be the fact that not all disorders are covered evenly. Some mental disorders take precedence, even though information about them isn’t more often requested. Another strength that could come with additions to the collection would be diversity in language. No foreign language materials are available in this collection, even though there are small Hispanic, Spanish speaking communities in the area. The final desired strengths would be a more up to date collection and in other formats. Out of the thirty some materials, half were from the early 2000’s and they were all physical books. Adding eBooks and audio books in the collection as well as keeping to date with new advances will round off the collection and increase its stability and strength.
Selection Criteria:
Materials purchased on behalf of the Rose Country Public Library will be evaluated by the following criteria:
• Current usefulness and the current interest of the community’s patrons
• Relationship of the item to the existing collection and relative importance in comparison with other works on the subject
• Permanent value of the material
• Ease of use, by and for, the intended audience of the material
• Physical characteristics of the
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The process of weeding is essential to collection development and maintenance and as such, RCPL will use the following criteria when weeding:
• Obsolescence
• Damage or poor condition
• Space limitations
• Insufficient use or last date of circulation
• Timelessness of the item
• Relevancy to the community and other items
Replacement of materials will not be automatic. The decision to replace is determined by:
• Availability of copies from other libraries in the consortium
• Popular interest
• Adequacy of coverage in the subject area
• Significance in subject area
• Cost
In an effort to keep all collections relevant and current to those of the community, weeding will take place on an annual basis conducted by staff members on a case to case basis, and the ultimate decision to discard will lie with the library director.
Gift Guidelines:
The Rose County Public library accepts gifts of materials for the collection using the same selection criteria that are applied to purchased materials. All Gifts are subject to the following

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