Liberating Ministry From The Success Syndrome By Kent And Barbara Hughes Offer Insight

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In their book "Liberating Ministry from the Success Syndrome" authors Kent and Barbara Hughes offer insight to anyone currently involves with or contemplating involvement with church ministry. In the introduction, the husband and wife team tell a story of a pastor that gave into failure and left full-time ministry (Hughes 1987, 9-13). This confusion of success and failure in regards to ministry effects many every day. The team explains that they too almost fell victim to overwhelming feelings of failure in their ministry and their subsequent conquering of these feelings through the truth in God 's word.
After defining the problem of how the secular world defines success in the first part of the book, the remainder of the book is broken down into three main sections: success, encouragement, and helps. The first section discusses success, more specifically what success is, from God 's point of view. In this part, the authors list the definitions of success in ministry. Concepts such as faithfulness, serving, prayer, holiness, and attitude receive individual chapters designed to explore the topic from a biblical standpoint.
The next section contains what the authors deem as the best encouragements for ministry. Again, the authors show their readers the scriptural justification for these encouragements. From faith and trust in God to the pastor 's call, to the ordinary qualities that the pastor has, fellow workers in ministry, and finally the heavenly reward the pastor…

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